At EjeAsesores, we invite you to discover a space where funding opportunities become a strategic driver for the growth of your company. Our grant consultancy goes beyond the search for funds; we are dedicated to optimising your access to resources that will enhance your development and expansion.

Professionalism at every stage of the process

In the complex world of grants, experience and professionalism are vital. At EjeAsesores, we have a team specialised in identifying and managing funding opportunities, ready to guide your business to success. Our mission is to simplify the grant application process so that you can make the most of these valuable opportunities.
Seriousness in the management of subsidies

Seriousness is the basis of our subsidy consultancy service. Every application, every documentation and every follow-up is treated with the utmost attention and commitment. At EjeAsesores, we understand that success in obtaining subsidies lies in meticulousness, and we are committed to guaranteeing an efficient and successful process.

Confidence in every strategy

Trust is essential in the relationship between a client and their grant consultant. At EjeAsesores, we work tirelessly to earn your trust through transparency, honesty and dedication. We strive to be more than consultants; we seek to be your strategic allies, always ready to design effective financing strategies tailored to your needs.

Strategic funded growth

At EjeAsesores, we don't just help you find grants; we provide you with a strategic vision to make the most of these opportunities and finance your growth in a sustainable way. We collaborate with you to identify funding programmes that align with your business objectives and position you for long-term success.

Continuous improvement to optimise results

The grant landscape is constantly changing, and at EjeAsesores, we stay at the forefront of the opportunities available. Our commitment to continuous improvement means that you will always receive advice based on the latest trends and requirements in the grants arena. Your success in obtaining funding is our priority, and together we build a solid financial future.

The essential complement to our consultancy services for your company.


  • Subsidies aimed at unemployed women or men under 30 years of age, over 45 years of age or long-term unemployed, registered as job seekers and who make an investment under 30 years of age registered as part of the Youth Guarantee System, no investment required.
  • RECRUITMENT OF WORKERS: aimed at different groups, such as the disabled, beneficiaries of the youth guarantee system, traineeship contracts, long-term unemployed.
  • SOCIAL ECONOMY: aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises set up in the form of a cooperative or worker-owned company, the aid consists of subsidies for capital, employment and investment. Capitalisation of unemployment for this type of company.
  • SELF-EMPLOYED ENTREPRENEURS: social security contribution rebates
    Zero social security contributions for the first two years for people under 30 years of age
    One-off benefit. This consists of the capitalisation of the contributory unemployment benefit, aimed at financing the investment of a self-employment project or paying social security contributions or both.

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